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Three Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty During a Pandemic

26May, 2020
Three Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty During a Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the game for all business owners, even ecommerce sellers. Although the focus should be on how you serve your customers, you must know send a strong message on how you serve them in a pandemic. Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any small business, so it is a smart move to use most resources to maintain your loyal and valuable customers while using some budget to acquiring new ones. Focus on these three simple strategies to maintain and increase customer loyalty.

1. Create Empathy

It is important that you demonstrate compassion towards your customers. This is basically two-fold. Make sure that they realize that you are experiencing difficulties as well but that you still want to be there for them. Offer suggestions on how your products can help them get through this uncertain time. In order to not seem like you are taking advantage of the crisis, discuss actions you are taking to help your employees while they deliver the products your customers need and want.

2. Increase Marketing

With so much talk about business closing after (or even during) the pandemic, it is important to stay relevant. The last thing you want your customers to think is that you are on the way out. Use your mailing list to stay in touch with content that is relevant to the pandemic and products that your customers can use. Remain professional and steer from making political statements that may offend your customers. Stay focused on your most important goal—to sell your product.

3. Engage Customers on Social Media

As you already know, social media is the modern gossip central and news spreads like wildfire on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure that you are actively involved, and that the news being spread about your ecommerce business is positive and relevant. Let your customers know the steps you are taking to protect your employees and customers during the pandemic. Be sure to ask your customers what are their biggest concerns and address them with content and information on your ecommerce site.

If your business is temporarily closed, the message should be that it was done to protect your employees and customers. And if you can pay your employees during the pandemic, make sure that is included in your communications. Never give the impression that you are not boding well. Continue to stay involved in social media. In the meantime, promote upcoming products and give positive and friendly information on the COVID-19 crisis. Remind your customers that once things return to normal that you will be ready to serve them.

Following these simple suggestions will help you stay connected to your customers while letting them that you care and are ready to serve them once the current crisis begins to fade away.

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