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Home Tips for Direct Sellers During the Coronavirus Crisis

Tips for Direct Sellers During the Coronavirus Crisis

23Dec, 2020
NPF Tips for Direct Sellers During the Coronavirus Crisis

This pandemic will impact all sellers, including direct sellers. Despite this growing crisis, there’s a lot that can be done to protect yourself, your customers while increasing your direct sales business. Here are some simple suggestions for direct sellers during the Coronavirus crisis.

Leverage Your Time in Isolation

It is hard to be in isolation, but you can make the most of the time. Remember that many of your customers are also homebound so it is a great opportunity to schedule online events, establish relationships with new customers and continue to provide one-on-one customer service with loyal customers.

As the COVID-19 crisis lengthens, more and more customers will suffer financially. You can offer several bonus packages (care packages) for your customers. You probably have surplus items in stock such as free product samples you can send to your customers. It is a small investment for the potential sales down the road once things get back to normal.

Party On to Keep Your Customers Engaged

An engaged customer group on Facebook is an absolute must for your business. Keep it fun and relevant to your customer base. Zoom has become the default video conferencing app during the COVID-19 crisis. An option is to have a short (30 minutes) Zoom party that is incorporated in your Facebook party. You make the Zoom party the main event in the Facebook party and use the Facebook party to drive guests to the Zoom event. This allows you to keep in touch with guests before and after the Zoom event. This provides you with more opportunities to engage with the guests and keep the party going for longer which can lead to more sales and referrals.

You can also organize a Zoom party for an hour or so and do a condensed version of an in-home party. This option works best when you carefully choose which products will translate well to a demonstration via.

At the end of the Zoom party you could gather orders in a variety of ways: you could call each guest and have your check-out chat with them over the phone or you could post a link to your order page. You could also post a catalog out to guests beforehand and have them message or email you with their order.

Practice Good Hygiene Online

As you continue to host online events, make sure you widely publicize the extra steps you are taking to ensure everyone’s safety and provide individual product samples, minimize touch and use hand sanitizer when handling products during online events with your customers.

It is also important to stay updated on guidance provided by direct sales companies. Make sure you check them out and highlight and implement them so your customers know they will be protected as much as possible. If your product line includes cleansing products, you can use this opportunity to sell you products.

Final Takeaway

It is important to stay positive and radiate that energy to your customers. As a direct sales business owner, you are fortunate to work in a flexible industry. Direct sales owners that will succeed past this crisis will be those that can leverage technology. Use technology to stay connected to your loyal customers and attract new prospects even from the confines of your home.

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