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Top 5 Things Customers Look For When Shopping Online

11Apr, 2018
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Online shoppers are savvy and can be fickle when choosing where they buy their items. They have the advantage of being able to simultaneously compare several sellers and getting the best price and service for their money. Make sure you stand out among the crowd of e-commerce sellers with a few quick but useful tips:

  1. An easy shopping experience. Make sure your site is designed so that your buyer will have an easy time getting around and find the products they need. This can be accomplished with strong product details and high quality pictures. It’s also important to keep your site updated with seasonal events and working links. Having these details in place will also increase customer satisfaction and reduce product returns or exchanges. This will make your site appear professional and will instill confidence in new and repeat online customers.
  2. Variety. Online shoppers like to comparison shopping so having a good sized inventory is key to e-commerce success. Small e-commerce sellers can stay competitive by storing an increased inventory in a reliable fulfilment center and by using drop-shipping to store and deliver their products.
  3. Free shipping. Yes, believe it or not free shipping can be the determining factor whether a shopper closes the sale during an online purchase. Offer free shipping with a minimum purchase with a deadline. This often serves as a good motivator to get a customer to buy before they leave your site.
  4. Ease of return of product. Being able to return or exchange a product is an important consideration for most online shoppers. E-commerce sellers can make their products more attractive by offering free shipping on returns or exchanges. You can also reduce the need of returns or exchanges by providing good details and pictures of your products.
  5. Security. With all the recent cyber attacks on big and small firms, shoppers are wary about shopping at sites that are not well known and about providing personal information when asked to register or create an account. Keeping your security features up to date and displaying it on your site will instill customer trust and increase sales—two things that are vital to the success of any e-commerce business.

Understanding the needs of online consumers is crucial in helping you succeed as an online seller. Keeping this in mind when creating and up keeping your e-commerce site can help you gain recognition as a not only a provider of good products but a satisfying shopping experience.

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