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Use Social Media To Drive Local Business

14May, 2014
Use Social Media To Drive Local Business

How To Use Social Networking to Drive Traffic to Your Local Business

If you are a small business owner in Australia looking to gain more targeted traffic for your local business, you can’t afford not to utilize the various social networks. In this article we will take a look at some of the top networks you should be using right now to grow your company:

Google Plus Local

Google Plus Local took over Google Places listings for businesses in May of 2012 and upon doing so, they immediately began converting over 80,000,000 Google Places pages to the new Google Plus Local platform. Now all local businesses are on this new system, and it’s the first offpage SEO job that any business should tackle when looking at inbound marketing.

Not only is Google Plus Local free, it also helps you with top of page listings for local searches. This is especially crucial when you consider how many people are searching on mobile devices these days. With Google Plus Local listings, your business automatically shows up show at the top of search results, and even provides a map with your business’s location.


Facebook isn’t just about sharing your life with friends. With over 51% of Australians using the Social Networking giant, it makes good business sense to be a part of it. The key with Facebook is to not just post “salesy” information that makes it look like you are running a big ad campaign. The best way to accomplish that is to share current trending information and images you think your clients would share with their friends. Remember: with Facebook it’s all about engagement and exposure.

Facebook has developed its own advertising platform that allows you to target consumers by interest, location, age, gender and many other demographics. Known as FBX, this system is also now beginning to be rolled out on mobile devices, so make sure to start becoming familiar with it now.


YouTube is one of the most underlooked traffic generators of all. Many marketers focus on optimising for secondary websites such as Bing and Yahoo, but the fact is: YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Many people mistakenly believe that they have to produce “Hollywood quality” video to be successful on YouTube, and this is simply not true.

In addition to helping to increase search engine rankings from backlinks due to high placement in the search results, YouTube videos can also be used for direct response advertising. This is especially true with businesses such as auto dealers, realtors and others who make sales by showing the visual qualities of their product. Simply do a quick two or three minute walk around video, include a phone number, and you will be amazed at how video makes your phone ring!


Twitter is another social network that is getting great results for businesses. Just like with Facebook, you should aim to combine relevant tweets about your business with the sharing of interesting and trending tweets that engage followers.

To show you the a concrete example of Twitter in action, consider this:

A recent report from Twitter and showed that “exposure to an automotive brand’s tweet made users more likely to take some sort of action “off-platform,” including searching online for car brands and interacting with third party sites Users who saw a Tweet from an auto manufacturer were also over 4x as likely to perform “lower funnel actions,” such as requesting a quote or looking for dealerships to test-drive.

As you can see the benefits of maintaining a consistent social media presence are well worth the effort. Businesses today cannot afford to leave any stone unturned in their marketing efforts, and social media is one of the more cost effective customer engagement options available. In addition, contrary to many offline methods, social media interactions and conversions can be easily tracked to determine ROI.

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