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Use a Variety of Media to Get Your Point Across

14Jul, 2014
Use a Variety of Media to Get Your Point Across

Everyone has their favorite ways of taking in information: some would rather read, some like to listen to podcasts, and some like watching videos. That’s why it pays to use all of the unique tools you have at your disposal when reaching out to your potential customers. Here are a few great mediums through which to engage your market:

  • Written content – This is everything from blog posts to tweets and short posts on Tumblr and Facebook. What’s really cool is that quality “long form” content from your blog can always be repurposed for Twitter and other social media. In other words, every 700 word article your website has can be turned into dozens of Tweets!
  • Visual Content – Images are very important. Most people are very visual in nature and will look for image thumbnails even in the written content they are browsing. This is why it pays to name and title images appropriately so they will be found. Instagram and Pinterest users are always infamous for being drawn to visual graphics and images.
  • Video Content – Just about every laptop these days comes with a built-in webcam so it makes it very easy to record videos whenever you want. I like to record video introductions to posts to get my YouTube subscribers to my blog and vice versa. With Vine and Instagram you can also record short videos straight from your phone. There have already been some people who have become online sensations virtually overnight using these mediums.
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