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Home Ways to Make Your Homepage Stand Out

Ways to Make Your Homepage Stand Out

25Jul, 2017
Ways to Make Your Homepage Stand Out

This may be the most important web page you have. Remember that first impressions count. Your homepage will introduce your brand and outline the user experience for the rest of your ecommerce site. In fact, the homepage may be the best option as your dedicated landing page versus a stand-alone landing page. This is something that could be different for each e-commerce site, but should be tested.  In the meantime, use these options to make your homepage stand out and convert to more sales.

  1. Clear direction. Nothing frustrates online buyers more than confusing and hard to navigate ecommerce store websites. Give your ecommerce customers clear direction with words and visuals to direct them on what to do next. Show people exactly where you want them to go to help them get to the products that they’re looking for.
  1. Set up different product categories on your homepage. This will greatly help drive your customers to the right sections of your website. This is especially important if you may have many different product categories on your e-commerce store. Have areas to click on your home page to direct buyers to specific products. Small efforts like this go a long way to avoid frustration and avoid abandonment of your ecommerce store.
  1. Showcase best sellers. People tend to buy products that are popular. Tell customers which items are your best-selling products. This will help consumers find the products that most other people have purchased.
  1. Provide interesting information about your products or industry. Publish how-to articles and YouTube videos demonstrating your products. You can also add a link to your FAQs page. Your customers will appreciate the information about your products. And again, this will keep them on your site longer and more likely to make a purchase.
  1. Exit pop-ups. Adding a “Wait, don’t leave now!” or “Stay for a special deal!” exit pop-up will help keep your customers on your site. This is especially helpful if your customer is on the fence on whether they should buy your product or choose your competitor.
  1. Designate an area for email addresses. Have a form above the fold to collect e-mail address for customers to get specials offers in their e-mail inbox.
  1. Use heat map software. Use one of the many heat map software programs available to determine where visitors are clicking on your home page. Once you determine where people are clicking on your home page, then you can optimize those sections of the page. This will help to get more people to the sections that you want them to visit.

Your homepage should be one of the main areas of your e-commerce site that you continue to improve. These suggestions will help make the strong, positive impression that you need on your homepage and improve the odds of having your customers find the product they want and finish a sale.

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