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Home Is Your Website Attention Worthy? (Part 1)

Is Your Website Attention Worthy? (Part 1)

4Jan, 2017
Is your website attention worthy

You have a great product, but it’s just not getting the love that it deserves and definitely needs in order to sell online. You have evaluated your site for graphics and good content and they pass the test. What many e-commerce over look is that with a few tweaks, your e-commerce site can go from so-so to “wow”! Coincidentally, that’s how you’ll feel with your profits after making these changes to your e-commerce site.

Include your product’s benefits in your headline. The golden rule in marketing is the 80/20 rule. This means that you should be discussing the benefits of your product 80% of time and describing your product 20% of the time. Be sure to apply this to the headlines in your e-commerce site homepage. Headlines are usually the first thing customers see on your site see so it must grab their attention and convince them to stay on your site. An effective headline will highlight a problem your target audience has and emphasizes the main benefit of your product in solving it.

Headlines that tell you what the product is, but not what it does doesn’t give a visitor any good reason to continue reading the rest of the page. Instead create headlines that present a major benefit of the product and a solution to a problem:

Weak headline: Our cough medicine will help your kids feel better, faster.

Strong headline: Finally! Yummy flavored cough medicine that your kids will love to take so they can feel better!

As you can see, the first headline only discusses what your product does but does not have compelling wording to convince a customer they should buy it. When you establish a problem in your copy and show how you can solve it, you can gain the trust of your customers.

Use the first few paragraphs that appear on your home page to go into more detail about the problem you introduced in your headline and clearly show your target audience that you empathize with their problems or concerns. This is one of the best ways to convince your customer that only your product is the solution to what they are looking for.

Stick to one product on your home page. It’s all about focus when it comes to online shoppers. Try offering fewer products in one place, with more details about those products. This almost always translates into higher sales. When you offer just one product—or a few related products—it gives you the opportunity to focus on one key set of benefits and answer all the possible questions and concerns your visitors might have about your main product.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop selling your other products. Offer them on your other web pages, through specials or follow-up offers.

While these tips may be simple, don’t underestimate how powerful they can be in increasing your sales. In part II, you will learn a few more that are just as simple but that will make an impact on the attention your ecommerce business receives, but more importantly—the increased sales you will make off your site.

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