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Is Your Website Attention Worthy? (Part 2)

10Jan, 2017
Is your website attention worthy

In part one, you read of a few simple but highly effective techniques you can use on your site to help your product get the attention that it deserves. As you will see noticeable reactions to the changes to your site, you can also test and try additional techniques to make an even bigger impact.

Add credibility to your e-commerce site. This will greatly help gain your customer’s trust in you. Your content needs to establish your credibility to establish trust with your customers. There are two quick and easy ways you can do this on your e-commerce site and see a difference fairly quickly:

  1. The first one is to establish your credibility by including customer testimonials on your e-commerce site or other review sites. The best reviews are genuine e-mails or letters from customers telling how your product or service helped solve the particular problem they faced. Here is an example of a weak and strong review:

Weak: “Your chili was awesome!”

Strong: “Your chili tasted yummy. It was sweet and spicy.”

Note how the first headline only talks about the product, while the second one not only mentions the product but why it’s so satisfying to the customer. When soliciting a review, be sure to ask your customer why they are happy with your product. Always ask for additional comments as many people will respond. The more descriptive they are, the better. Use the descriptions left by customers, as they can help people identify with your product on a personal level.

  1. The second one is to add credibility by adding a section to your copy that outlines your credentials, experience and any background information that makes your product the best one to satisfy your customer. Your goal here is to convince readers that your product is the best solution to their problem. This is the perfect opportunity to add your 20% to that 80/20 golden rule of marketing. Toot your horn, but be sure it adds to the value of your product!

Create urgency in your website content. Convince readers they need to buy now! It’s very important that your sales copy has a sense of urgency, motivating customers to buy right away or that they are going to miss out on something very special. Some of the ways you can easily do this on your site is to:

  • Offer a limited-time price discount on a limited quantity of your product.
  • Give the option of additional free, limited quantity bonuses if customers buy during a special sale event.

Tip: Get your customer interested in your product first and trusts you before you mention anything to do with making a purchase or spending.

Includes images to enhance your product appeal.  Pictures of your products make them seem more tangible and “real” to your online customers. Keep in mind that online customers heavily rely on visual cues to help them choose a product online. Photos are a powerful sales tool so you should obtain the best quality you can afford. Include pictures that display your product in the best light and at every angle. When choosing pictures of your product, choose the pictures that will give your customer a good idea of what it would be like to touch your product.

Final note: You’ll be surprised by the difference these fairly simple suggestions make. They don’t require too much money and time. They are also easy to test individually or a few at a time. You will also be able to easily measure the difference in the attention and sales you receive.

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