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Why Being Green Can Equal More Green

8Aug, 2019

Consumers are more aware of social and environmental impacts. As a result, Australian consumers are choosing to purchase from ethical companies that align to their personal values. According to an industry report from Australia Post, research shows that in Australia 49% of online shoppers would choose to buy products from businesses that are taking action to reduce their impact on the environment.

For example, most of the parcels and packaging are delivered to the home are disposed of by the consumers. The survey also found that 60% of shoppers would like their ecommerce packaging to be sustainable. Half surveyed also indicated that they would be willing to pay a mere 15 cents for sustainable packaging. With a growing awareness and need for transparency around product origin and supply chain, here are some ways you can engage eco conscious consumers:

Address Problems That Exist in Your Industry

To engage the conscientious consumer, you need to let your customers know what social or environmental problem your company or product solves. Bring attention to the problems while explaining what steps your organization is doing to resolve it. This is one of the best ways to make a connection with your customer. Now more than ever, consumers in Australia, and globally, want to know that the products they are purchasing benefit the people who produce them. Additionally, consumers are increasingly aware of the use of underpaid labour.

Practice Transperancy to Educate Customers on Better Choices

In order to gain trust and respect for your brand, consider sharing statistics about your company’s carbon footprint compared to your competition. A snappy infographic that explains the benefits of ethical sourcing helps customers make the best eco-friendly choices. Your sense of knowledge on this subject will create trust and can lead to an increase in brand loyalty.

Don’t Just Talk, Walk the Line

Successful conscious brands keep their mission in the forefront. Share your company’s founding story on social media, a video on your site or publish a thought leadership piece on your brand’s mission to change the world. With so many social media platforms available, it is easy to highlight that progressive culture you’ve worked so hard to develop and maintain.

Engage Customers to Become Brand Advocates

Genuine, unedited customer reviews are important for any ecommerce seller, but even more so for conscious brands whose customers demand and expect a high level of transparency. Reviews carry a lot of weight particularly for consumers who have specific demands from products that they buy. Positive reviews can easily persuade a consumer to purchase products that cost slightly more due to their eco-conscious or fair-trade philosophy and work ethic.

As an ecommerce seller, you need to stay in touch with trends. The eco-conscious and fair-trade movement is strong. Follow some of these suggestions to engage your consumers and let them know that you recognize their concerns and desires and you follow the same mission.

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