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How To Write Content Loved By Visitors And The Search Engines

18Jun, 2014

How To Write Content Loved By Visitors And The Search Engines

Let’s face it: to be successful in online marketing in the year 2014, you MUST be a content publisher. The Internet is all about content, and those that provide the most relevant and consistent quality content are rewarded with higher search rankings and, consequently, more visitors to their websites.

In the past many content writers would “keyword stuff” their articles, blog posts, and web pages with a particular keyword they were trying to rank for. This worked in the earlier days when search engine algorithms were not as sophisticated as they are today, but even then it was not a very visitor friendly strategy. Often when writing for the search engines content writers would fail to realize that the content they were creating wasn’t exactly readable by human beings. And even though sites were getting to the top of Google, they were not converting their new visitors to customers.

So What’s The Secret To Writing Quality Content That

Is Loved By Both Your Visitors And The Search Engines?

Simple. Write quality content that human beings will want to share and you will please the search engines too. Keyword stuffing not only doesn’t work anymore, but it will actually get you penalized by the search engines for writing “Spammy” content. Today, what the search engines want to see is engaging content about topics relevant to the interests of your target market. They also want to see this content being produced on a regular basis.

Search engine algorithms have evolved far beyond the spiders used in the early days, which could only identify the relevance of a page based upon specific keywords and keyword density. Today’s algorithm robots are capable of utilizing the latest LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) technology to determine relevance. This goes far beyond the capabilities that their web crawlers had in the beginning, as they are now able to correlate similar words and synonyms to determine relevance. For example, if you were writing a blog on golf, the search engine spiders today can realize that a term like the name, “Tiger Woods” is associated with golf while the phrase “tiger in the woods” is not.

Why You Should Always Keep The Interests Of Your Readers In Mind…

When writing your content you should always keep your reader in mind. It’s good to mention your targeted keyword in the title and perhaps 3-5 times throughout a 500-700 word post, but you don’t want to overdo it. Google’s head SEO expert Matt Cutts has been saying for years to write for visitors. Google’s mission is to provide the best experience for the user, so if you are writing content that searchers truly find interesting, then you will please the search engines at the same time. Also, try to keep your writing to a 6th or 7th grade reading level. For better or worse, most experts say that’s the reading comprehension level for your average reader. Again, it’s all about writing with your audience in mind.

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