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Pick and Pack Service
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Professional Pick and Pack Warehouse Solutions across Australia

Your Orders Accurately Picked, Packed, And Ready To Ship within the same day.

NPFulfilment is Australia’s leader in pick and pack solutions. With real-time online tracking capabilities, our logistics platform gives you full visibility throughout the fulfilment process. Whether you are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Auckland your orders will be picked, packed, and ready to ship from our warehouse within hours of receipt. And because we provide item-level bar-code scanning of each product before packing, we ensure order accuracy.

Pick and Pack Service

A fresh approach to Pick and Pack for Sydney and Melbourne

We make pick and pack smarter through better technologies and processes. NPFulfilment recognises that traditional pick and pack processes have been unreliable and inconsistent. When 3PL’s use dated or simple technologies, capabilities are limited, and errors increase. This results in more instances of wrong orders being shipped, which in turn leads to both unsatisfied customers and expensive reverse logistics.

NPFulfilment saves you money. The moment your order comes into our safe and secure AAA Rated Warehouse, our professional team of fulfilment experts go to work preparing it to be shipped. We employ rigorous quality control standards to ensure each item is scanned before packing – which eliminates virtually all of traditional pick and pack errors. It adds up to rapid order fulfilment without the fear of costly mistakes.

Beyond item-level bar-code scanning, we keep your business in the loop through advanced reporting for inventory, orders, and shipped items. Your business and your customers will also have the option receive an email confirmation for each order, and access to the fulfilment process in real-time.

More than just getting it right

NPFulfilment is obsessed with giving your business an unparalleled level of service. We pride ourselves in getting your order fulfilment right the first time and are truly committed to delivering a superior pick and pack experience.

Pick and Pack Service
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